Creative Thinking Unleashed

It is always a huge pleasure to welcome Brambles and Saltburn Primary schools to the Centre and today was an absolute joy to meet Y2’s and Y3’s respectively. As always the focus began this morning on teamwork which we immediately tested through a creative challenge using the LEGO Build to Create sets. We then swiftly moved through meeting the brilliant Dash and Dot, some explorative coding, a review of how an advert tries to persuade you to buy a product and then the challenge to sit on that side of the fence. That means that they have spent the afternoon developing a simple product enhancement for the basic robot (using LEGO) and a simple six shot advert that has given them the chance to use some appropriate vocabulary to sell the product. Interestingly they started writing down ideas way before I asked them to. You can see from some of the pictures below that despite only being asked to discuss some ideas, many wanted to write about what they thought. This is what we often find on events here, children want to write, they see the context and the need. This is literacy with a real contextual purpose that we know if often hard to do in the everyday classroom setting. It just demonstrates the value that bringing the children out to a different site makes when engaging them and also getting them to see relevance in what they do. Schools can’t bring children out every week but even a handful of visits are valuable to the children as was explained to me today by one of the teachers.

Time was against them but many still managed to complete their adverts and Ive included snippets from the rest anyway. Some of these children are only six years old and what they achieved in one day is truly remarkable.

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