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GreenPower Electric Cars at Croft Racing Circuit!

Hello everyone and welcome to the GreenPower Electric Car Competition day at Croft Racing Circuit. There will be live broadcasts throughout the day until the rain comes! See below for updates…

Well overall the teams have had a fantastic day. The schools that we managed to support for the event: Wynyard Primary, St Augustine’s, Hartburn, St Joseph’s, Ormesby and Beverley all had a fantastic experience and some of them even won some prizes (see pics below). The challenge of building a car, even with a set of instructions, is not an easy one let alone trying to ensure everything is optimised for the fastest result. However, with a bit of help from people like Amit the cars pretty much all ran today and ran well. It is unfortunate that there are at least 10 cars sat in cupboards in schools today, doing nothing but perhaps we can get some of them up and running next year. For now enjoy the clips and images from today.

And the race round the whole track clips are below:


GreenPower Electric Car Race Day Live from Croft Circuit

What an amazing day we have had at Croft racing circuit. We had Goblin and F24 racing on different parts of the site and due to our involvement with the Goblins this post will focus on them.  9 of the 15 cars we have helped support were able to attend today and despite many worried emails in the last few weeks all of them came ready to race. Well except one who came to build! And build they did with the help of 5 fantastic students from Kings Academy. Thanks to their help the car is now ready to race next week as part of the Great Exhibition of the North.

But back to today. The live streams below hopefully show the fantastic range of schools form all across the North East who took part. It is very clear from watching the children, by chatting to them, their teachers and their parents, this project has had a profound effect on confidence, motivation and self esteem. Not everyone is a driver, a pusher or a mechanic. St Therese of Lisieux brought a whole class who had been involved in work on the car in one form or another and it was lovely to see parents turn up as well. So very well done everyone, feel free to scrub through the streams below to see if I inter=viewed your team or filmed your slalom. The final stream includes the long race at the end round the whole circuit which was genuinely nail biting at the end. I also have the car numbers and the winners of each prize from Greenpower. When I get chance in the next few hours I will post them along with some additional pictures. Streams are below for now though.

Roll on Newcastle next week….

So, hot off the press, we had 24 teams racing today and awards were given out not just for their performance on the track but also:

Best Presented Car: St Joseph’s Hartlepool

Best Bodywork: Hartburn Primary School

Greenest Bodywork: Skerne Park Academy

Spirit of Greenpower: RGS

Portfolio: Normanby Primary School

Track results…


1st Barton C of E

2nd Rosewood Academy

3rd Roseberry Academy

Drag race

1st Mowden (Mobile)

2nd St Joseph’s Hartlepool

3rd Dame Allan’s Junior Team 1

Sprint Race

1st Roseberry Academy

2nd Moden (Mayhem)

3rd St Joseph’s Hartlepool

And the overall winner across all competition is….

St Joseph’s Hartlepool

Huge congratulations to them. It might be cheesy to say but everyone was a winner today. The enthusiasm, excitement, skills and attitudes that you could see from EVERY team, EVERY school and EVERY child confirmed for me why we put so much effort into helping support the teams. Events like this will stay with those children all of their lives.





Animation Day 23rd March 2018

Well, what a day that was! Two schools joined us at Inspire to Learn and became film makers for the day. We started the day with pieces of paper and we made them move!!! We created a word out of random letters. Then we were off. Vegetables of all colours came to life across a variety of backgrounds. What was the secret? Using the Stop Motion animation app, working as a team and having great creative skills. Oh and by the way, we are only Year 2.

After a lovely lunch, thank you Yvonne, we were creating films from scratch. Our own backgrounds and characters and not forgetting to storyboard before we start any filming.


Making our own animations:

Here they are!!

Scrapheap Challenge November 2017

What another brilliant day! Ormesby, St Clare’s and Oakdene Primaries brought some of their younger children today and their ideas were absolutely genuis. More than that though, their team work, planning and workplace care were absolutely outstanding. I was shocked to pop into the auditorium just before lunch and see how complete many of their projects already were.

The aim of these days is to face children with a challenge, work in a team effectively and present their findings. The children today achieved that brilliantly. Here are some of the images from the planning stage:

And here is the video of their presentations: