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Animation Day 23rd March 2018

Well, what a day that was! Two schools joined us at Inspire to Learn and became film makers for the day. We started the day with pieces of paper and we made them move!!! We created a word out of random letters. Then we were off. Vegetables of all colours came to life across a variety of backgrounds. What was the secret? Using the Stop Motion animation app, working as a team and having great creative skills. Oh and by the way, we are only Year 2.

After a lovely lunch, thank you Yvonne, we were creating films from scratch. Our own backgrounds and characters and not forgetting to storyboard before we start any filming.


Making our own animations:

Here they are!!

Scrapheap Challenge November 2017

What another brilliant day! Ormesby, St Clare’s and Oakdene Primaries brought some of their younger children today and their ideas were absolutely genuis. More than that though, their team work, planning and workplace care were absolutely outstanding. I was shocked to pop into the auditorium just before lunch and see how complete many of their projects already were.

The aim of these days is to face children with a challenge, work in a team effectively and present their findings. The children today achieved that brilliantly. Here are some of the images from the planning stage:

And here is the video of their presentations: