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 Team Members at Inspire2Learn


Andrew Stogdale

Andrew’s role in life is to inspire people. That sounds a bit ambitious doesn’t it? But that is what he gets out of bed for in the morning. Whether it is working with 5 year olds in the heart of Teesside or speaking at international conferences in Dubai, the intention is the same; how can he make a positive difference in the world. Much of his career has been spent in education; from being a primary school teacher to supporting schools in a local authority role. Although often referred to as the ‘ICT bloke’, he is rarely seen teaching ICT/Computing; discerning observers will note his focus on effective learning, particularly through the use of technology – something he used as a basis for his Masters research and thesis in 2013. His work with mobile learning over the last eight years, currently focussed on iPads as his weapon of choice, has led to working with schools and speaking at events all across the world. Increasingly, through the expansion of his work both nationally and internationally, he has also become heavily involved in being a link between schools in different regions (or countries) and between schools and industry. From his earliest experiences as a teacher in an area of horrifically high deprivation he has continued to explore how the next generation can have their aspirations raised and gain knowledge of the wonderful possibilities that the world can hold for them. His leadership of Inspire2Learn has enabled him to take this agenda to the next level as it combined his skills as a trainer (and the schools he has worked with in a range of countries) with his drive to connect people and enthuse them with the passion to get involved.

On the customary personal note in such bios, I love to ski and as soon as my youngest has long enough legs I will be heading back into the mountains from time to time…. (oops did I let the third person slip there? – of course I wrote this myself in an embarrassingly hagiographic style, that’s what everyone does!)

Manager/Learning and teaching consultant
Tel: 01642 467138
Pauline Jackson
My main passion is Early Years and it is the old cliche of chop off the head and the Blackpool rock interior design will spell out EYFS. I am happy to support schools with all aspects of EYFS from designing learning environments, running training, analysing data, tracking progress and EYFS Profile work and anything else that may come to mind. People who know me may be aware of my ‘inner geek’ and that has been given free rein with the introduction of the computing curriculum. This has led to work on curriculum design and assessment as well as examining the role of the classroom practitioner regarding e-safety. Supporting schools as they begin to dabble in the world of computer science, programming and digital literacy is a great way to spend time and has been very well received from most of the schools in the area. Linking to this is the very exciting work using iPads (and other tablet technology) to support exciting and stimulating learning experiences in the Early Years classroom. You cannot achieve any of the above without the teachers in the classroom and another aspect of my day job is the NQT appropriate body work; supporting new teachers and their mentors both in school and at I2L and ensuring that they complete their induction year satisfactorily. Moderation fills the rest of my time. Writing and executing the EYFSP, KS1 TA and the KS2 writing moderation plans alongside a group of experienced and dedicated moderators is a great way to keep in touch with all schools.
Schools also ask for help with phonics, KS1 support and assessment without levels. So if you have a question, ask and I will try and answer!
Learning and teaching consultant
Tel: 01642 467138
Denise Stott
Business Manager
Tel: 01642 513667
Vicky Chambers
Business Support Administrator
Tel: 01642 513660
Fiona Birkbeck
Administration Finance Supervisor
Tel: 01642 513652
Ann Ryalls
Initial Teacher Training Programme Manager
Tel: 01642 513664
Gill Firth
Secondary Course Leader
Tel: 01642 513658
Amanda Wilson
PA Support Worker (GTP)
Tel: 01642 513659
Richard Porritt
Network Manager
Tel: 01642 513663
Jordan Brimble
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 01642 467138
Yvonne Ingledew
Kitchen Assistant
Tel: 01642 467138
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