Specific room info



Room Style Accommodates Resources
Auditorium Please call for prices Cabaret / Workshop 80 Large Presentation (images, sound and lighting)Staging
Theatre 150
Exhibition/Conference 100
   Trustee/Immersive Room £20 per Hour Boardroom 12-20 Portable SmartboardGreen Screen. This room has the facility to project presentations/resources across 3 walls which can be inspirational for young learners.
Cabaret/ Workshop 18
Theatre/Cinema 30
Informal Discussion 10
Old Bank £20 per Hour Boardroom 20 Smartboard; Projection; audio and links to internet and R&C Networks.
Cabaret/ Workshop 24
Theatre 35
Upsall £20 per Hour Boardroom 28 Smartboard;Projection; audio and links to internet and R&C Networks.
Cabaret/Workshop 28
Theatre 40
Cafe Area  This area is a public area but if booking the full centre this becomes a very flexible space for your event
 Classroom £20 per Hour Workshops 30
This room is intended to model the potential of  flexible learning spaces within our schools.
Learning wall/ Whiteboard/Mac suite/Full Projection and audio
Plasma Screen
Small ICT suite
Theatre 30

 ICT Suites

£25 per Hour

There are 24 individual works stations in each room. A flexible wall between the suites allows for the creation of a larger space.
Teaching, Learning and Training events 24 in each or 48 as one open room

Inspire 2 Learn Centre room booking form

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