Professional Skills Tests

 Quick Guide

When should I do my Skills Tests?

We recommend that all applicants for both SCITT and School Direct complete the tests as soon as possible after completing an application. However, there is a limit on how many times you can sit the tests so it is important that you do not rush into the tests if you are not feeling confident. You are not able to start the course until you have passed both tests. If you’re application is successful and we make you a conditional offer one of the conditions will be that you complete the tests by a designated date, failure to do so could result in the withdrawal of the offer.

Please click here for information on booking your skills tests

How many times can I sit them?

You are allowed to sit each test up to three times. If you fail a test for a third time you have to wait 2 years before re-applying to teacher training and sitting the test again. Please click here for further information

How much does it cost?

The first time you sit the tests there is no charge, however resits cost £19.25 each. Please click here for more information on resits and charges.

How long do they last?

Skills test passes for applicants to ITT courses remain valid for three years. Applicants must start an ITT course within this period.  If you are applying for a course which starts beyond the period of validity, you will need to re-take the skills tests.

How should I prepare for the tests?

Learn Direct have produced some specific information sheets on how to prepare for the tests,  there are also free practice test papers available for you to sit online as well as other resources and books. Some applicants have even used personal tutors to help them brush up on areas of weakness.  Please follow the links below for practice papers and guides to other resources

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