Autumn 2017


13th- Scrapheap Challenge 09:30-14:30 (lunch provided)
29th- STEM 09:30-14:30 (lunch provided)

2nd- English in WoW (transport may be funded)
10th- SEND Aspirations 09:30-11:30 OR 12:30-14:30
11th- Scrapheap Challenge 09:30-14:30 (lunch provided)
12th- Green Screen (KS2) 09:30-14:30 (lunch provided)
13th- Enterprise Challenge (lunch provided)
18th- Y8/9 Aspirations 09:30-11:30 OR 12:30-14:30 (transport may be funded)
20th- NHS Aspirations 3 showings (transport may be funded)

10th- Y8/9 Aspirations 09:30-11:30 OR 12:30-14:30 (transport may be funded)
15th- Inspiring Boys 09:30-14:30 (lunch provided)
21st- STEM 09:30-14:30 (lunch provided)
22nd- Scrapheap Challenge 09:30-14:30 (lunch provided)
23rd- Enterprise Challenge (lunch provided)
24th- LEGO Creativity (KS1) 09:30-14:30 (lunch provided)

5th-  Scrapheap Challenge 09:30-14:30 (lunch provided)
12th- Maths in WoW (transport may be funded)
13th- Green Screen (KS1) 09:30-14:30 (lunch provided)

Please contact us for more details about any of these events.


Telephone: 01642 467138

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